Custom Glass Ordering Information

Custom GlassA guide to help you and your customers when ordering Aurora Glass custom products.

Camera-Ready Artwork
For custom etching and molds black & white line art drawings work best. Edges of the submitted design must be sharp and clean. Natural scenes and complex art must be reviewed for use-ability and "simplified" by AG Artists, results will vary. Digital files should be 300 dpi and scaled to correct size for product(s) ordered (click below for templates). Acceptable image formats: TIF, TGA, PSD, & FH5. No .JPG or .GIF files please. Black & white art only. Digital files may be sent to or send files on CD, Zip 100 or Floppy. If sending hard-copies, artwork must be provided in a size that is at least as large as the largest of products desired. If there is design or cleanup work (20 min.+) required of AG artists, a design fee of $50 per hour may apply.

Click here for a printer friendly template sheet.
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - Click to Download Acrobat.

Hard copies or files on disk may be sent to:

Aurora Glass
Attention Art Dept.
2345 W. Broadway
Eugene, OR 97402

Custom Suncatchers
Stamp Cost is $200 - $275, depending on the complexity of the design. Natural scenes may cost more. Wording should be kept to a minimum - Simple bold designs work best. To get the best cost/benefit, use your custom stamp for multiple products. A suncatcher stamp can be used for: suncatchers, wind chimes, table lamps, plant sticks, small and medium sized bowls.

3-D Molds
Quote on demand (The cost can range between $200-$500+). 

Turn-Around Time

2 - 8 weeks for Custom Etched Plaques & Awards depending on stock. 4 to 12 weeks on items requiring custom stamps or molds. It usually takes 2-4 weeks to carve the stamp/mold, and then up to eight weeks to produce the order in the color(s) requested. We run a different color approximately every week, in a rotation that spans 7-8 weeks.

Minimum Order
Because we can only produce a limited number of custom graphite stamps and molds each year, we request that you order at least 50 pieces of product. Order early! Because of the turn-around time and high demand for custom products, we encourage you to think ahead.

Please call us if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help. 888-291-9311 or 541-681-3260.